Customer Service

Sales support

Purchasing boats are only one part of Marine Brokerage. The initial enquiry by email, phone, or a referral is just the beginning of an often long series of events that may culminate in an eventual purchase of a vessel. The broker collates all the extensive information and data on the vessel that often is required.

He ensures that a specific vessel would be suitable to meet the purchaser's expectations and needs. He must divulge any concerns that as a broker he is aware of, to ensure as much as possible, there are no “shocks” when the vessel is surveyed.

Purchasers are more cautious than years gone by. The check list used prior to making an offer is more extensive as we operate in a far more accountable world today.

Vendor's assistance

It is strongly recommended that a pre-purchase engineer's and a ship wright report would be beneficial to the sale process. This is often an area where a successful sale can be impeded due to the unknown.